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Address Environmental Issues with Farm Living

Published on Apr 12, 2022
	Address Environmental Issues with Farm Living

The conditions or the surroundings in which people, animals, or plants live comprises of our environment. Since each one of us are interlinked and inter-dependent thus it is the fundamental responsibility of every one of us to take care of our natural environment.

For the past many years, it is seen that the rate at which environmental issues are aggravating is really high. The man is indiscriminately harming the environment for the fulfilment of his own needs. One major cause leading to environmental issues is the ever increasing population and the needs of humans.  If these issues are not checked right away, they may become irreparable. There is an urgent need to tackle these environmental issues so that we can live better and provide a better environment for the future generation.

Environmental Issues and Farm Living

Let us see what are the major challenges that our country is facing in terms of environment and how farm living can play a vital role in curing them.

1. Air Pollution- Adding impurities to the air in different ways causes air pollution. The level of air pollution in India has gone really up in the past few years. The Air Quality Index is getting worse day by day. India also ranks among the top 20 most polluted cities in the world. There are several reasons for this deteriorating quality of air in India. Major reasons include the increase in vehicles, cutting of trees due to demand of land for the increasing needs of rising population, burning of fuelwood and biomass, harmful gases coming out from factories etc. Also, air pollution is causing various health hazards among the people. Now, the question arises that how farm living can help in making the air quality better? Farm living can help in this environmental issue because people living on farms are environment lovers and would help in making the environment greener by planting trees. Also, farm living reduces the commuting of a person thereby reducing the air pollution by vehicles. Since they live away from the urban areas, they are away from the diseases too.

2.   Depleting non-renewable resources-  Depleting non-renewable resources- This again is one of the consequences of increasing population. Because of the increased population, the use of non-renewable resources as also increased. Even after knowing the repercussions of using these non-renewable sources indiscriminately. People should instead start using  renewable energy  like wind energy, solar energy, hydro energy, geothermal energy. Solar energy is still gaining some popularity among people these days but there is a long way to go. Some people are using solar energy in solar panels for producing electricity, some use solar heater, solar calculators and at various other places. When people adopt farm living, they automatically start thinking of the ways to conserve non-renewable sources and use renewable energy wherever possible. They find out ways where and how they can save the resources. 

3.   Global warming and climate change- Global warming is the constant increase in temperature near the surface of the earth. It increases because of the absorption of greenhouse gases like carbon-di-oxide, carbon mono-oxide etc. These gases are emitted from burning of fossil fuels, from chemicals used in agriculture, from vehicles etc. These gases act like a blanket and trap the heat making the earth warmer. Because of this global warming, climate change can be noticed all over the world. This climate change can be health hazardous. Actions to control these harmful and poisonous gases need to be taken individually, regionally and nationally. Farm living can prevent global warming as it is eco-friendly and very less or no chemicals producing greenhouse gases are used. Crops grown there are organic. Proper attention is paid that our environment is not harmed. 

4. Loss of biodiversity- Many plants and animals are entering into the list of endangered species because they are not been able to save themselves under so many other environmental issues. Their natural habitat is being destroyed by humans and they do not have a place to live and feel safe. Not just endangered, many species have even become extinct. Another reason for this is urbanisation and hunting of animals. The ecological balance is also greatly disturbed because of this. Farm living can greatly help in maintaining ecological balance as people living on farms take it as their hobby or an activity or as a profession to cultivate plants and animals. They cultivate and rear them without harming them at all in any ways.

These are some of the major environmental issues that we are facing today and they will be the challenges in the future also if no immediate action to solve them is taken by us. There is an urgent need to make the air pollution free and breathable, to lessen the use of non-renewable sources and switch to renewable resources instead, check the emission of poisonous gases that are causing global warming and make the environment livable for flora and fauna too.

First and foremost need is to control population and their rising demands which are harming the environment. We need to spread more awareness about the environment and its conservation. The government is doing major efforts for the same and it’s now time for the individuals to understand their responsibilities towards the environmental issues. Moving towards farm living is certainly a good option that may be adopted by some people to save the environment for today and for the future. Even if some people take the initiative of farm living, they can really do a great job for the environment and for the people. 

Let’s get into action! Let’s start working to save the environment. Contribute your bit in saving the environment. Choose from various farms for sale from TranquilTimberlands and indulge yourself in the process of saving the earth from these environmental issues. To view the farms on sale, feel free to contact us.