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Planning for retirement? Consider Farm Living!

Published on Apr 10, 2022
	Planning for retirement? Consider Farm Living!

Is retirement living a blessing or a curse? Well, it all depends on how you treat it. For some retirement living can be a blessing as after so many years of following rules made by others, you can finally live the way that you want to. On the other hand, some people really don't get this freedom and still want to continue with their same work routine. Well, whatever the case may be, you will only get to know it after getting it.

Planning for a trip or your retirement living is similar in some ways- it will have something different from what you planned. 

Retirement living is an important milestone in our life but it still gives a fearful and sad feeling when one reaches that stage. Just remember that retirement living will be as you want it to be. You will have the  freedom to make your own plans. You will have the freedom to select which passions to pursue, select people for your life and choose the places you wish to visit.

Moving from 2 to 3 weeks of vacation in a year to 52 weeks in a year of unemployment is certainly not a small difference. You may begin to practice retirement before actually getting it. This would help in the smooth transition. This would be a kind of dress rehearsal before final retirement. 

Here are some of the ways to make your retirement living a memorable golden period:

  1. Go for vacations - The top retirement wish of most people is to visit places they have always dreamt of and have always wanted to be at. It can be an adventurous trip, a visit to a religious place, a very relaxing trip or something else. A vacation can help you connect with new people, meet people with similar interests, learn about their culture, understand their language etc.

  2. Begin a new hobby - Think about the things that you have always wanted to do but you could not do because of lack of time. You may be having many hobbies when you are working but you may not be able to pursue these hobbies because of your busy schedule. Retirement living can give you a wonderful time to spend on these hobbies which you would have been longing for. It could be some sports activity, reading books, arts, dramatics or something else. With work, you might have found it difficult to take out time for these hobbies each time you wanted to do them.

  3. Make friends with retired people - It is certainly not an easy task to make new friends and a strong bonding but retirement living also give you an opportunity to make friends with the retired people who also enjoy doing the things you enjoy doing too. It helps you make a strong social network. It gives you new friends with similar interests as yours. 

  4. Try something new – It may be good to have a fixed routine but breaking those monotonous routines can also be a fun part of life. Change your life from boring to joyful by breaking the rules of monotonous schedules.  

  5. Enjoy farm living - Farm living is an amazing plan for retirement living. Many people practice farm living even before the retirement but even if you can’t do it before retirement many be because you need finance, you are not prepared to leave your office schedule, or any other reason, you can sure begin farm living after retirement.

Why should one choose farming living as retirement living?

The time you reach your retirement age, you need some peace of mind, some time for exploring yourself and some time just to live for yourself. There are people who think that this is being selfish, but some think that it is utterly important. Well, giving time to oneself is definitely important.

When you are not a retired person, you work day in and day out and you work like this for someone else but once you are retired you are all for yourself. You want a peaceful life away from the chaos of the city and you can get all this by choosing farm living. 

Farm living can give you the ultimate pleasure of living at peace with yourself. When you are at farms, you are surrounded mainly with nature. Slowly and gradually you develop a love for nature, you can learn farming, grow your crops etc. and it actually gives you pleasure to make it your routine.

Living in a pollution free, pure environment itself is a pleasure. Farms give you so much space for yourself and you may meet like-minded people having the same interest as yours. 

Farms also make a wonderful place to practice meditation and one can spend ample time in practicing meditation in such peaceful environment.

With farm living, you may also wish to do sustainable agriculture. Farm living can be a secret of happiness of your retirement living. With farm living, you can actually move away from the modernization after getting retired. 

Farm living will also keep you in a good state of health after your retirement.
Moreover, farms on sale these days are a perfect buying choice for a retired personal. 

So what to do after retirement? Retirement living may have diverse answers. After working for decades, it's your turn to meet new people, explore new places, travel, relax, inspire others, renew your energy and follow your passion and all this can be explored with farm living.

Look forward towards your retirement living and make yourself a cheerful person. See your self-growth, growth in your relationships and bring peace in your life.

If you have already decided to take farm living as your retirement living, then just don’t miss out on the farms on sale from Tranquil Timberlands. Don’t wait to connect with us.