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Renewable Energy is the future, so is Farm living

Published on Apr 08, 2022
	Renewable Energy is the future, so is Farm living

We all need a secured future and at this stage it looks like this can be made possible only with renewable energy. Renewable energy is the energy that comes from renewable sources or natural sources like sun, wind, water etc. Although the availability of sources depends on the time and weather but it is still assured that these resources will be available. In the early days, when many people were living on farms, they used to harness renewable sources for lighting, heating, windmills etc. so renewable energy is not a new technology but it has certainly become more innovative and important over the passing years. 

The need for energy is growing globally but relying on fossil fuels is not a good option now since they are diminishing at a high rate and are also polluting the air and the earth at a great level. Although we do not know how far we can go with renewable energy like solar energy, wind energy etc., but at this time that’s the only life saver. 

People go in for farm living because the pollution level is rising every day in the cities due to the use of fossil fuel energy. Replacing such energy with something like solar energy, hydro energy, wind energy etc. would definitely be a positive step.

What will be the source of energy in the future?

The biggest and the most popular sources of renewable energy today are solar energy and wind energy and they are gaining popularity every passing day.

Other sources of energy can be geothermal energy, biomass energy, hydropower and nuclear energy. Geothermal energy may continue to be a really important source of renewable energy but may not be able to take the place of solar energy and wind energy because of the limited geography. Nuclear energy has its own set of problems which we are already aware of but technical development may make it possible to use it in a positive way. We may also come up with some new green sources of energy which people who choose farm living would definitely like to go for.

Why choose renewable energy?

  1. The first and foremost reason for choosing renewable energy is the depletion of fossil fuels which is making is utmost important to find alternative sources.

  2. No matter which renewable energy we choose, wind energy, solar energy or some other energy they would surely be a better option than fossil energy in terms of agriculture, public health and negative impact on other resources. Many health issues like breathing problems, cancer, neurological problems etc. are caused due to unhealthy environment.

  3. The initial installation cost of solar panels, solar heaters etc. may be a little high but in the long run they really give a good return on investment as their operation cost is very low. For example, the cost of installing solar panels may be high, you may need a large investment in one go but once installed they would reduce the bills to almost negligible as compared to the previous bills.

  4. Massive drop in the level of pollution may be seen with the use of renewable energy. This is a major reason why people choose farm living over living the city. They prefer to live in a healthy environment, breathe fresh air. The air in the cities is poisonous because of the emissions of fossil fuels. Use of renewable energy would improve the quality of air and make cities a better place to live. These sources are environment friendly. 

  5. Using renewable energy would help in reducing global warming. Human activities are disturbing the atmosphere to a great extent. Use of fossil fuels emits carbon dioxide and other harmful gases which are increasing global warming. In comparison to this, use of renewable energy sources is advised as the global warming emissions produced by them is very little, almost negligible.

  6. More jobs may be created with the use of renewable as it is labour intensive in comparison to fossil fuel technologies which are mechanical and capital driven.

Renewable Energy and Farm Living

The use of renewable energy can be cherished with farm living. As mentioned earlier, people opt for farm living to keep themselves away from the pollution in the cities, the hectic life in which there is always a race to chase something.

Renewable sources of energy can be better utilized with farm living for many reasons.

  1. People who go for farm living are more concerned about the environment they are living in. They would try their level best not to harm the environment and would also find out the best possible way. As of now, it seems that this can be achieved by the use of renewable energy and by stopping or minimizing the use of fossil fuels.

  2. People living away from cities are more concerned about their health and how it should be taken care of. They know the hazards that use of fossil fuels is causing to their health.  

  3. Renewable sources of energy can be better utilized on farms where there is open space, sunlight can be trapped better, wind energy can be used appropriately, biomass would be more easily available.

Because of all the above mentioned reasons, moving from fossil fuels to renewable energy would be easier for people who are living on farms as compared to those living in the cities.

To sum up, we will ultimately have to switch to renewable energy at the earliest possible. This would not only save our lives in terms of health but would also save the non-renewable sources available. Even in big cities people already have started installing solar panels at their workplace. It may take some more time for people to understand the urgency of switching the resources but sooner the better.

To create a better future, connect with us, choose a farm for yourself and go in for farm living.