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Sustainable Development and Self-Sufficient Farm Living

Published on Mar 16, 2022
	Sustainable Development and Self-Sufficient Farm Living

What actually is the sustainable development

We can define it as; "Sustainable development is an economic development directed without th reduction of natural resources".

There are certain goals behind the policy of sustainable development aimed at reducing poverty, protecting our planet, and ensuring prosperity for all. These goals call upon all of us to do our part to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Basic Concept of Sustainable Development

The concept of Sustainable Development has three basic parts and these are actually the pillars and powerful tools of sustainability. 

  1. Environmental sustainability

  2. Economic Sustainability 

  3. Sociopolitical Sustainability. 

Sustainable Development and Self-Sufficient Living

Now we are relating the concept of sustainable development with self-sufficient farm living. Self-sufficient living means learning to grow your own, make your own, sell your own from your mini farms. There is no better time to do this, especially with the presence of climate change, food safety, and the gloom of economic and political uncertainty. It’s the time to manage that how to stop worrying and start living through your own natural resources.

Ways to make available your own Food and be Self-Sufficient 

  • Grow your own vegetables

  • Grow your own fruit and nut trees

  • Grow your own herbs  

  • Have bees for honey

  • Have chickens for eggs and meat

  • Keep sheep, goats, or cows for milk, butter cheese, yogurt and meat

  • Keep sheep for their wool for spinning and weaving

  • Keep a pig for pork 

To be very realistic its not possible to have a full fledge self-sufficient living because you do not live in climate where you can grow your own rice, sugar, wheat, or even have the space. You can’t grow each and every thing. But still there are options to be self sufficient in your living by re adjusting your diet and your life styles. If you don’t have a farming background then it’s time to learn some basic farming skills to feed yourself through your own growing food.

If you are wanting to provide all your own food, then you need to have enough land, the right kind of soil, the climate allows you an extended growing season, and there is enough water too.

Sustainable Mini Farming

Small scale farming can still produce enough food for self-sufficient living. one can actually become self-sufficient on one acre of land. The basic thing is just the land management. This is the most important principle for sustainable farming and creating your mini farm.

If the land that you use to farm is mishandled, you will never be able to withstand any crops or animals at an acceptable level of production. Proper management is very important for both small scale and large-scale farming. 

The second important thing is to utilize your land resources that you have for small scale farming and see how you can improve them. Try to utilize all the natural resources you have. Take your vegetable scraps and either start a compost bin or start an open compost heap. When you have trimmed your trees and have grass offcuts after mowing the lawn, add these to your compost. When you have animal manure, add that too, along with any animal residues after slaughter or crop residues after harvests. Make you land better because it can support you, even if you own a small-scale farm by treating it well. Remember the rule that don’t waste any natural resource.

Self-sufficient living gives you an awesome way of living. So, try to develop your own farms with TranquilTimberlands where you can use organic and sustainable techniques and build it yourself. So, let’s stop worrying and start living by your own. All these things provide you an opportunity of living in the natural environment and actively contributing to the environment instantaneously.